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Uni Project TINI Weather Station

This section of the website has been designed for my BEng(Hons) Electronic Engineering final year project. This project looks at the development of a web-based weather station using a relatively new technology called the Tiny InterNet Interface (TINI).  For more information on TINI and the interface board see the TINI page. TINI board is connected to an external interface board which in turn connects to the individual weather station sensors. The data from the sensors is collected periodically and stored by the TINI machine. Users can log onto TINI via the weather webpage and retrieve the latest sensor data. The full system is shown below:

Full System

The weather station is capable of monitoring the following information:

  • Temperature
  • Sun Light
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed
  • Rain Fall

The weather station sensors and the external interface board have been designed and developed as part of the project. For more details on the different sections of the project see the project webpage.

If you are interested in reading my full final report you can find it here:


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